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We are proud to provide a variety of Furniture rental, Interior Staging and Cleaning services… to bring a healthy and modern living space. Ensure the absolute satisfaction of customers when experiencing our services.

5 reasons you should choose Us


Diversify segments, products, types of services, and short to long-term rental packages.

Environmental protection

Instead of dealing with the problem of waste from perennial furniture, renting furniture is a solution to help reduce waste into the environment.

Cost saving

Maximize cost savings compared to buying furniture. Besides, you can flexibly change depending on the purpose of use of the house.


All products are manufactured, and quality checked according to export standards directly from our factory.


The process is quick, you just need to contact us, and we will advise and perform the remaining steps.

Rent furniture as your way

You don't have to buy furniture, own it.

Full package space design

Vietnam Furniture Rental offers a full package of services for staging your interior from an empty space. Make your dream homes come true with quality yet cost-effective products.

Clean space

Designing a beautiful space is not enough, it needs to be friendly to the health of the homeowner. Not only renting and staging furniture, but VFR also provides daily professional cleaning services: mattresses, sofas, carpets, curtains, etc. with advanced equipment.

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